Velvett supports good causes

Did you know that with the purchase of a Velvett stroller, you always support a good cause?

We at Velvett would like to contribute in this way to make the world a bit better. With every purchase of a Velvett stroller or Velvett duo car, we donate (€ 20) to the charity chosen by our customers at that time.

When the total donation has reached an amount of €2,500, we will use the donation to personally arrange fun activities, wishes and / or supplies for the charity that’s elected at the current time. Of course, we will keep you informed on this both on this page and our socials, so that there’s no doubt that the donations are well spent.

How exactly does this work?

  1. After ordering a Velvett stroller or Velvett duo car on our website, €20 is automatically reserved for the current charity chosen by the previous customers.
  2. After ordering, you will receive a link by email where you can choose the next charity.
  3. After the donation has reached an amount of €2,500, we will process the donation for fun activities, wishes and/or necessities of any kind.
  4. Once the donation is made, the charity with the most votes becomes the next charity we will support.

In this way, we at Velvett hope to contribute to people who can use our help. Thanks for your support!

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