The manufacturer’s warranty period for Velvett products applies for 24 months, calculated from the purchase date as indicated on the proof of purchase. Keep the proof of purchase in a safe place and make a copy if necessary. If you wish to make a claim under the factory warranty, you can contact the Velvett customer service. You can send an e-mail to info@velvett.eu, call +31(0)499-700279 or use the online contact form. Make sure to include your order number for faster processing.

Velvett reserves the right to change the provisions of this manufacturer’s warranty. You will find the agreements of the most current manufacturer’s warranty on this page.

We are proud of the fact that we make high-quality products that meet European standards. For this reason, only genuine Velvett parts or parts approved by Velvett should be used with the Velvett product. Please contact Velvett customer service if any part of the Velvett product needs to be replaced.

The manufacturer’s warranty applies to the product. The following are the points covered by the manufacturer’s warranty:

  • All manufacturing defects in the chassis, frame and wheels;
  • All factory defects in the adapters (adapters for frame and car seat);
  • Zippers;
  • All parts of the safety harness of the Velvett stroller;
  • Seams in the upholstery.


  • If you have made adjustments or repairs or have them carried out without the prior written permission of Velvett.
  • Defects due to negligence or an accident and / or use or maintenance other than specified in the user manual.
  • Damage to the product as a result of normal wear and tear.
  • Improper assembly or installation of third-party parts that are not compatible with the product.
  • Damage due to inattention or accidental damage, abnormal use or insufficient care.
  • Improper storage / care of the product.
  • Damage to push handles or upholstery caused by normal daily use of the product.
  • Holes or tears in the tires.
  • Damage due to incorrect use or failure to follow the user manual.
  • Damage as a result of repairs carried out by unauthorised persons or as a result of incorrect disassembly of the product.
  • Traces on synthetic laminate, parquet, linoleum and carpet (organic floors).
  • Transport damage (during air or other transport): carefully inspect your Velvett product after it has been transported by an airline (or other carrier), and if any damage occurs, immediately file a claim with the carrier.
  • Dissatisfaction of the customer with the product with regard to suitability, weight, functionality, colour or design.

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