We often get the question whether the unique Velvett fabric is vulnerable to dirt and / or stains. It is precisely for this reason that we have developed a Velvett maintenance set. We recommend using the Velvett maintenance set at all times to guarantee quality and colour fastness. The Velvett maintenance set consists of:

– 200ml impregnation spray;
– 50ml strong cleaner;
– Velour brush;
– Cloth 

Maintaining a Velvett stroller

Regular use of the velour brush helps the delicate fibres to be put back upright and to get the surface glowing again. Move the brush over the entire surface without pressure. Some velvet fabrics go in one direction. In that case, always brush in this direction. Use a vacuum with the furniture attachment to vacuum up the brushed fibres and dirt. We recommend using the vacuum cleaner on the lowest setting (max. 500 Watt).

To effectively protect the upholstery against stains and dirt, we recommend impregnating the stroller every six months with the Velvett impregnation spray. Shake the bottle well before use. Spray the impregnation thinly and regularly from a distance of 30 cm. Keep the bottle upright as much as possible and avoid loose drops of impregnation on the fabric. Then let it dry well. The impregnation is water-based and contains no solvents. The impregnation is optimal after 24 hours.

Removing stains
Put the Velvett strong cleaner on the supplied cloth and use it to work on the stain. Always work from the outside in! Do not just brush on the stain, always clean a complete surface from seam to seam. Clean with lukewarm water. Finally, impregnate the cleaned area again.

Any other questions?
Specific questions about cleaning a Velvett stroller? Please contact LCK Nederland for expert advice via +31 (0) 571 270327.

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