Velvett stroller 2 in 1 – Pebble Grey

A Velvett stroller is characterised by luxury, which is why it exudes elegance and class. The combination of the Velvett fabric and the ergonomic design makes this stroller a unique experience. Our designers have put their heart and soul into designing this Velvett stroller so that not just the ‘look’, but the ‘feel’ is also perfect. In short, it’s the most complete stroller on all conceivable points.

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The Velvett stroller is refined in ease of use so that it offers optimal comfort for both the child and parent. Consider the adjustable push handle and footrest, adjustable shock absorbers, ventilation and many other extras. In addition, the Velvett stroller is also easy to manoeuvre with one hand.

The Velvett carrycot

Handy integrated carrying handle

This specially developed carrying handle provides optimal carrying comfort.

Ventilation facility

The canopy can be adjusted to create a large ventilation shaft. This way your child gets enough fresh air when needed.

Mosquito net

Are mosquitoes ‘bugging’ you? No problem, use the simple mosquito net (included) and your child is completely protected against them!

Storage compartment

We’ve placed a storage compartment on the inside of the Velvett carrycot. Easily put away the things you need to grab often and fast so that it’s always close to your child.

Washable interior

The soft interior can be washed out. This keeps the stroller nice and clean on the inside.

Stabilizing feet

As icing on the cake, our carrycot is equipped with stabilizing feet on the underside. This allows you to determine whether you use the swing position or the fixed position.

The Velvett seat

The Velvett seat is reversible

This allows your child to sit comfortably both facing forward and backward.

Adjustable backrest

Our ergonomic backrest is adjustable in 3 different positions; from almost completely reclined to sitting at a 90 degree angle.

XL canopy

Our XL canopy has been developed in such a way that it can close completely, so that your child can sleep undisturbed in total darkness.

Extra soft inlay mat

Each seat is equipped with an extra soft inlay mat for ultimate comfort.

5-point seat belts

Nothing feels better than getting on the road safely. With this 5-point safety belt including height adjustment, your child is always secured in the Velvett seat as safely as possible.

Removable armrest

Our armrest can be easily removed or opened with just 2 fingers so that you can easily get your child in and out of the Velvett seat.

Adjustable footrest

Easily adjust the footrest as desired, it’s completely adjustable in height.

Foot cover

Just like you, your child does not want cold feet/legs. This super soft and warm foot cover ensures that your child never gets cold feet and legs.

Ventilation facility

There is a large ventilation facility on top of the XL sun canopy. This is easy to open so that your child gets enough fresh air at all times.


Lightweight aluminium frame

With a weight of only 5.8 kg without wheels, the frame is easy to carry and move.

Adjustable shock absorbers

Would you rather have more or less suspension in your stroller? With our adjustable shock absorbers you have ultimate comfort on any terrain.

Adjustable push handle

The push handle can be fully adjusted to the desired push height. The 7 different positions provide a push height of 75 cm to 115 cm.

Simple foot brake system

The Velvett foot brake system brakes on both rear wheels. In addition, it’s super easy and quick to operate.

Swivel system front wheels

The front wheels of a Velvett stroller are always equipped with a swivel system. In addition to the swivel system, there is also the option to lock the front wheels.

Foam tires

Foam tires are tires that are filled with foam. The big advantage of these tires is that they cannot go flat. In addition, foam tires offer good cushioning. This gives you an agile, durable and comfortable stroller.

Stylish shopping basket/bag up to 2 kg

An eye for detail, that's what we stand for. Have you ever before seen that a shopping basket in a stroller is also a bag? This way, you can easily and quickly take all the necessary items with you to your destination.

Attachment points for nursery bag and drinking cup holder

Of course, the Velvett stroller isn’t complete without a nursery bag and drinking cup holder. We’ve already selected the most ideal attachment points for you. It doesn't get any easier!

Dimensions and weight

Fold out
Folded incl. wheels / excl. wheels
Length:82cm / 76cm
Width:59cm / 51cm
Height:30cm / 25cm
Frame weight (without wheels)
5.8 kg
Carrycot weight
4.7 kg
Seat weight
5.1 kg
Maximum weight / age of the carrycot
9kg / 0-1 year
Maximum weight / age of the seat
15kg / 1-3 year

What will you receive when ordering this Velvett stroller?

The Velvett stroller is shipped in just 1 package. If you also ordered the car seat, it will be shipped in a 2nd package.

Contents of Velvett package:

  • The chassis, including front and rear wheels
  • The carrycot with soft mattress
  • The buggy insert with leg warmer
  • Shopping basket with removable bag
  • Mosquito net
  • Drinking cup holder
  • And... of course a nice gift!

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